Old Cars

I enjoy old cars.  It reminds me of my youth and the hours I spent helping my dad, in the driveway, on most Saturday mornings do routine maintenance on the family car.   Back then it was easier to do service and repair small things gone wrong than it is today.   Old cars also remind me of the model cars I used to put together from a trip to K-mart or hobby shops I would visit.   We called it “airplane glue” down where I am from.  I would usually smell up the back of the house and have a few days of dried glue on my fingers when putting together my model cars.  

Time marches on and I have come to that realization upon my last birthday.   Next year will be a big one for me and fond memories are just a part of getting older.  So, I take the time to sketch a few cars from the past; most of them are older than me. 

1947 Cadillac
1958 Ford Edsel
1940’s Chevrolet

Published by LaCount Anderson

LaCount Anderson is originally from Savannah, Ga. but for the past 47 years has lived in North Carolina. He enjoys graphic arts and his mediums of choice is watercolor and pen and ink.

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