6 Paintings 25% Off

No brick and mortar gallery so…here are six paintings fully framed and matted:  regularly priced at $125.00.    On sale for $93.75.

To purchase these original watercolors email me the name of the item.  I will contact you by reply email to get shipping info.   Item will be invoiced to you for payment.  Email: lacount3@icloud.com

 “Love In My Window”.   Framed 14 x 18 

Pungo Sundown”. Framed 15 x 19

Red BridgeFramed 13 x 18

Belhaven Sky”  Framed 13 x 16

 “Peace”Framed 13 x 18 

Happy Fish” Framed 14 x 18

Grandma’s Raleigh NC Home

Recently my wife, Anna, discovered a photo in some old pictures.  I have taken the photo and developed this painting.  Turns out the home is the home of William Cannady and his bride Clyde Beatrice Cannady, Anna’s grandparents. 

The house was located in the 600 block of New Bern Ave. In Raleigh, NC.  The best I can tell, after a brief investigation,  it was built in the late 1800’s.   Mr. and Mrs. Cannady lived there in the 1940’s.  


Wearable Art is Available For You

For a few years now, I have had a unique relationship as a designer for Vida, a company that produces products with my artwork.   To have a piece of art that can be worn, or used daily is a real treasure and I am so happy to have been selected as one of their artists.

I have recently rekindled my relationship with the company and am now launching new artwork for purchase.   I would be honored if you would take a moment to look at my work and would be grateful if you would make a purchase.

Here is the linkhttps://shopvida.com/collections/lacountanderson

As always, Thank you for your encouragement and support of my art.img_3983

Paintings on Sale in Belhaven, NC November 1

Drop by the Belle Arts Gallery, Belhaven NC to purchase one of these paintings November 1st.   LaCount Anderson will be at the gallery from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.   We would enjoy telling you about the work.


LaCount’s Art At Belle Art Gallery

My paintings are ready to deliver to Belle Art Gallery in Belhaven, NC. These are my newest work and I am looking forward to having them available for sale at the Gallery. If you are near Belhaven stop by.

Four Paintings Go on Sale in Birmingham

June 19-21 these paintings will be in the silent auction at Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Annual meeting in Birmingham, AL.   These are original paintings by LaCount Anderson and the proceeds will go to help with Anna and LaCount Anderson’s poverty ministry to people in eastern NC.

In addition LaCount will have handpainted notecards,  prints of some of his work, and honey from eastern NC on sale.   These items will be available in the Rural America’s tent located in the Gathering Place Thursday evening June 20.

These works of art will be a great gift for someone special or for your own home and office.

Your House

This is a photo of a recent creation for one of my clients.   She asked me to do this for a gift for her in-laws for Christmas.   I was happy to help.   Perhaps this gives you an idea.  I am now taking orders for completion in the late summer.    What a great gift idea for someone special!    To find out more click this link:  https://www.lacountanderson.com/mbr_purchase.php

murf house.jpg

Prayer of the Children

Sam prayingwatermarked

Sometime back I did this sketch of a child praying.   At my local church choir rehearsal last evening,  we were rehearsing a piece entitled “Prayer of the Children” ( words and music by Kurt Bestor).  I was reminded of this work and wanted to share it with you.  “Prayer of the Children” is about innocent children all over the world who are caught up in war as well as the gun violence we experience in our own schools in the United States today.   If you have a moment check out this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkHkmRUpq-o

Blessings to you!

LaCount Anderson

Easter Season and Butterflies

This original 9″ X 12″ abstract butterfly is perfect for your home or office.   I have chosen ink and watercolor as the medium.   I am selling to raise funds for our ministry: Eastern NC Poverty Network, Inc.  I would love to find it a good home.   Price:  $75.00 unframed.  Contact me at lacount3@icloud.com with questions or to purchase.  This is the original; (there is only one!)

butterfly 1


Free Time

The weather is warming and Spring is finally happening. One of our favorite activities is to ride our bikes. I have completed this for my sweet wife…