www.lacountanderson.com A couple of years ago my wife and I took a trip with fellow musicians to the country of Cuba.   Our assignment was for our choir to sing concerts in Baptist churches within the southern part of the country.   Cuba is a beautiful country and the people we met are equally as beautiful in spirit and in their faith.

On one occasion during our trip we arrived at a church to do our concert.  It was early afternoon and dinner was being planned for our group.  Church pot lucks are the same no matter what country you are visiting.   Our dinner was on the church roof top overlooking Bayamo, a scenic town in Cuba.   I am fascinated by old buildings and this town is a treasure for fellow artists who love to paint old architecture.    Equally fascinating were the storm clouds brewing above.   A spring storm was coming and as you might guess, we had a soggy pot luck that evening.

These days my attention is immediately drawn to God’s creation; a spring storm, the lovely people I encounter, and the beautiful flowers all around me.   In school I remember studying how God reveals herself to us.   Nature is one of those revelations that I learned about and it seems I am reminded each day of the power of God.                   cuba 1The rainbow I saw on that day in Cuba as well as the storm clouds that accompanied, I saw the power of God in nature.

This watercolor sketch  I developed from that experience.

A Trip Down Highway 97

I love to ride highway 97 from Rocky Mount toward Hobgood, NC.   It has always seemed to me, as I crossed the bridge leaving Rocky Mount, that I was going back in time to the decade of the 1960’s   The rural landscape hasn’t changed much as the road takes you through scenic farmland.   Soon the road curves and passes the Boseman Farmhouse; rebuilt after the fire about a decade ago.   I love the shade trees that surround this beautiful home and at first glance you would really never know it had been totally destroyed by the fire.

Leggett is the next community on the drive and my destination for this particular blog.  After passing Big Jim’s gas station my eyes landed on these gondolas all lined up, awaiting the next harvest.   I  have never asked but I believe these containers are for harvesting peanuts.  Eastern NC is a great place to be. It has been my home since 1987.May


Grandma’s Raleigh NC Home

Recently my wife, Anna, discovered a photo in some old pictures.  I have taken the photo and developed this painting.  Turns out the home is the home of William Cannady and his bride Clyde Beatrice Cannady, Anna’s grandparents. 

The house was located in the 600 block of New Bern Ave. In Raleigh, NC.  The best I can tell, after a brief investigation,  it was built in the late 1800’s.   Mr. and Mrs. Cannady lived there in the 1940’s.  


Prayer of the Children

Sam prayingwatermarked

Sometime back I did this sketch of a child praying.   At my local church choir rehearsal last evening,  we were rehearsing a piece entitled “Prayer of the Children” ( words and music by Kurt Bestor).  I was reminded of this work and wanted to share it with you.  “Prayer of the Children” is about innocent children all over the world who are caught up in war as well as the gun violence we experience in our own schools in the United States today.   If you have a moment check out this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkHkmRUpq-o

Blessings to you!

LaCount Anderson

My Sketchbook – Cuba visit

Last month my wife and I had the opportunity to visit the country of Cuba with colleagues from the NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra.   We enjoyed our time with the lovely people who made us feel as if we were “rock stars.”   A beautiful country of mountains and sea; nothing like I anticipated.   Thanks to interpreters we were able to communicate, enjoy home cooked food, and make friends with the kind people of Cuba.

cuba 1

One evening at Sunset a large thunder storm moved into the area.   This is from a roof top viewing the beautiful sky as the storm arrived.

cuba 2

One day we visited a retirement home for Christian workers.  This is the lovely chapel at the retirement home near Santiago City.

cuba 3

I saw this guy enjoying lunch on the side of the road.


Yesterday was a beautiful day and we found ourselves in one of our favorite cities, Raleigh, NC.   It is home to us in that we, for the past 13 years, have lived just north about 90 miles from the Capital City.   We were introduced to a quaint little shop located near the downtown area of the city.  We find ourselves returning often when we visit Raleigh.   The Flourish Market, located at 713 Tucker St. is a boutique for ladies accessories and fashion, but it is so much more.   When you enter the store you are greeted by a sincere and warm greeting usually accompanied by a hug and an offer of something to drink while you shop.  ( I do like their apple cider).   In addition to the love spread about to customers, there is also love spread about the world through the activity of The Flourish Market.   The boutique partners with 40 brands that work all over the world, providing dignified jobs and fair wages to inspiring artisans and makers in vulnerable communities.   Most of these artisans are women.   When you purchase something at The Flourish Market you are partnering to help women from across the world provide for their families as they make the clothing and accessories found in this quaint store.  Now,  isn’t that a great idea?     I hope you will find your way to Tucker street and see for yourself creativity that abounds in helping others.

I was inspired to make this water color sketch for my #momentsketchers group this weekend.   I hope you enjoy it.   You can view my paintings and drawings at my gallery :  www.lacountanderson.com and I would be honored if you would be inspired to make a purchase.


Saturday afternoon shopping at The Flourish Market


Give Me Jesus

“Give Me Jesus” is a negro Spiritual that I have been thinking about lately.   We had participated in a lecture series a few weeks ago at our church, and the speaker used the Spiritual as a part of his presentation to us.   We are now challenged by our pastor to think about the Spiritual with fresh eyes and allow the words this Lenten season to enter our hearts anew; readying ourselves for Easter.

As we enter this season I thought it important to my spiritual development to look at the text of this great song.   My drawing , inserted below,  is from my reflection of the words of “Give Me Jesus.”

In the morning, when I rise
Give me Jesus
Just about the break of day
Give me Jesus.
When I am alone
Give me Jesus
When I come to die
Give me Jesus.
Give Me Jesus

Africa Memories

Today I am thinking about our friends in Swaziland; a small country in southern Africa.   For eight visits of the last twenty years, I traveled to this small country to help with poverty relief and other tasks.  During my time in Swaziland I encountered beautiful people who love me and love their lives in this poverty stricken country.   I had the opportunity to meet some of my friends in 2016 when they visited our country for the first time in their lives.   It was a wonderful reunion.   We enjoyed a meal together and reminisced of times past.

The game parks I have visited have always been a treat as a part of our visit to southern Africa.   The picture below is a Zentangle representation of Africaafrica.   I hope you enjoy it and if you are interested, a print is available on my web site:   www.lacountanderson.com

I will always feel a sense of kinship with our friends in Swaziland.   Life is about relationships with others.   I appreciate the relationship I have with individuals in Swaziland and hope to one day return to our friends many miles away.

Growing Food; Giving Life

Life was hard in rural Pitt County, NC when Richard grew up in the 1960’s.    His mother and father were share croppers on a farm just outside Greenville near the road that was called Red Banks.   Before and after school each day Richard had no choice but to help his family of 10 brothers and sisters bring in the harvest.  Summer was the just the same but more hard work.   Unfortunately, the food he and his family harvested never found its way to their own dining room table.   The food they harvested went to others.

Leaving that farm to enlist in the Army, a new military life, was a new beginning that taught him much.    After his tour of duty ended, he found himself in rural eastern NC once again looking at farming.    This time his motivation was due to the need he saw all around.

He became a pastor, among other ministry positions, and noticed that the people with whom he worked were not living much past age 40.    In his first year as pastor of Conetoe Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, he performed 30 funerals.  People died of preventable diseases.  If only they knew of good nutrition and how to plant food; healthy food.   Thus began Richard Joyner’s new life; returning to a life he once despised.  Now with excitement because of the knowledge of farming that his parents once taught him.   In 2007 The Conetoe Family Life Center in Conetoe, NC was begun by Richard and a bunch of children and teenagers.   This center that has made a tremendous impact on the town of Conetoe as well as the surrounding counties of Pitt, Edgecombe, Martin and Nash counties of eastern NC.

Collards are a mainstay in eastern NC.   I made this quick sketch of one of the community members harvesting collards .

collards wtrmked photo1800