Grace Episcopal Church, Bertie County, NC

Grace church was established in1854. In 1831 there was no church in the town of Woodville. There was Old Pugh Chapel at Turner’s Crossroads now called Lewiston. Now the town is called Lewiston-Woodville and Grace Church is near by. For several years, 1842-1854, the Episcopalians went to St Thomas Church in Windsor, NC for baptisms,Continue reading “Grace Episcopal Church, Bertie County, NC”

The Battle House, Rocky Mount, NC

The Battle Home was constructed in 1835 by Benjamin D. Battle, a son of Joel Battle, founder of Rocky Mount Mills. Rocky Mount Mills was a major supply of material for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. In 1863 Federal cavalry burned the mill but the officer in charge spared the home because heContinue reading “The Battle House, Rocky Mount, NC”