About LaCount Anderson

LaCount Anderson is represented by Belle Arts Gallery, Belhaven, NC.

I fondly remember my 7th grade art class where Mrs. Gould, my art teacher, taught me the basics of creating art.  I still use those basic tools I received at Myers Junior High School in Savannah, Ga.   The pursuit of education led me to North Carolina where I have spent the past 47 years, living in the mountains and the coastal regions.   Presently my wife, Anna,  and I live in northeastern NC where we serve as missionaries working with the poor.   My artwork is inspired from living in rural North Carolina and I love life as a North Carolina Artist.

LaCount’s Journey:

It started when I was a young guy in high school.  One night two men came to talk to my parents and me.  They wanted to ask permission to use one of my drawings in a project they were involved in producing.  Of course I gave them permission and thus began my dabbling in art.  This was the encouragement I needed to spend my time producing artwork.

This blog is connected to my website:  www.lacountanderson.com where you can view even more of my work and purchase items you like.  The technology is in place and you can actually pick the artwork, choose the frame / mat, and finally receive the finished artwork at your home in a few days.  I invite you to browse and thank you for taking your time to view my work.

LaCount Anderson

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

You can contact Mr. Anderson through email:  lacount3@icloud.com

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