Oak Island, NC – Fort Caswell Assembly

Last week it was my privilege to attend a conference at the Baptist Assembly at Fort Caswell, NC.   For over 40 years my journey has led me there for different events.   I remember back in the seventies I attended, as a youth director, with our youth from church and have memories of sleepless nights; shaving cream issues with the boys; watched as teens would fall in love with each other; and always experience God at work in the lives of us all.   I am older now and remember that feeling of sadness when it was time to go from that holy place.   So many decisions in my life were made at Caswell; so many commitments to God I remember.  The Caswell experience did not disappoint last week.   It was like being with an old friend reunited with all creation before me.    Here are a couple of sketches from last week.

Oak Island - Caswell Beach NC Oak Island- Caswell Pier NC

                                     At the beach                                              Fishing Pier

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Asheville, NC: A Place of Great Interest

I do love western NC, particularly the towns and communities surrounding Asheville.   We lived in Weaverville, a small town north of Asheville, back in the 1980’s and have found it to be our “home away from home.”    Last week while on a visit to Weaverville, I made a trip into downtown Asheville and walked around Pack Square.   I found this yellow truck parked outside Pack’s Tavern and just had to draw it.

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yellow truck

Smoky Mountain Summer

As you know I grew up in the “low country” and 40 years ago I found my way to North Carolina to pursue my education.  I never went back home.   North Carolina has beauty from the coast to the mountains.   I prefer to visit all of the sites in NC!Smokey Mountain2

  I do enjoy the mountains, especially in the summer.   I notice that the light in the mountains change minute by minute and the colors and shadows give new life to a familiar scene each day.    This piece is inspired from a friend’s photograph taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway.   Summer in the mountains!   I love it!

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My visit to Seattle, WA

Last month I was able to attend a professional meeting in Seattle.  On an afternoon break I took a city bus into downtown.   While riding on the bus I turned to the lady sitting next to me.  We discovered that she, too, was from North Carolina and had moved from NC forty years ago.  I asked her which stop would be best for me to see the city.  She indicated the stop and I jumped off the bus and began a wonderful afternoon walking through the city.  These are a couple of sketches from my sketchbook.

Ralphsspace needle