Praying With Our Eyes

During this Lenten season our church’s theme is “Praying With Our Eyes.” The theme at Lakeside Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, NC, focuses on the many ways we see God if we are attentive enough to notice and willing enough to care. God’s sanctuary can be found wherever we are, whoever we are with, and whenever we look closely.

In worship last Sunday, Dr. Jody Wright, expounded upon the theme and his focus was illustrated by using a painting. Using art is one of the ways we can “Pray With Our Eyes.” Upon further reflection during the day I noticed a sunbeam stream through the shutters of our living room windows. It landed upon the wall and gave an interesting shape. I could not help myself; pulling out my phone camera I took a picture of the beautiful shape. Thus you now know the inspiration behind this painting.

I know what it means to me but I would invite you to take a prayerful look and discover what it means to you.

Published by LaCount Anderson

LaCount Anderson is originally from Savannah, Ga. but for the past 47 years has lived in North Carolina. He enjoys graphic arts and his mediums of choice is watercolor and pen and ink.

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