Give Me Jesus

“Give Me Jesus” is a negro Spiritual that I have been thinking about lately.   We had participated in a lecture series a few weeks ago at our church, and the speaker used the Spiritual as a part of his presentation to us.   We are now challenged by our pastor to think about the Spiritual with fresh eyes and allow the words this Lenten season to enter our hearts anew; readying ourselves for Easter.

As we enter this season I thought it important to my spiritual development to look at the text of this great song.   My drawing , inserted below,  is from my reflection of the words of “Give Me Jesus.”

In the morning, when I rise
Give me Jesus
Just about the break of day
Give me Jesus.
When I am alone
Give me Jesus
When I come to die
Give me Jesus.
Give Me Jesus

Published by LaCount Anderson

LaCount Anderson is originally from Savannah, Ga. but for the past 47 years has lived in North Carolina. He enjoys graphic arts and his mediums of choice is watercolor and pen and ink.

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