Making Music and Art

On the first weekend of every month I participate with a group of artists from all over the world.  Our weekend project is called #momentsketchers.   About 100 artists from all over the world produce sketches, wherever they are, doing whatever they happen to be doing, on that particular weekend.   We submit our artwork on social media and enjoy viewing one another’s work; admiring and giving loving feedback to each other.   This is my second year in participating and I honestly must say I have developed a network of people who encourage me as I pursue one of my passions…producing art.

A second passion is producing music.   Back in 1975 while pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Church Music at Gardner-Webb University, I picked up my first handbell.   Back then handbell ringing was new in the circles I traveled and I instantly fell in love.   I have been ringing bells, off and on over the years, wherever we landed to work in a church.

It is our joy to ring in the Lakeside Ringers at Lakeside Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, NC.   This is an excellent group of ringers and as with my artist friends all over the world, my handbell friends are full of encouragement.

I am thankful for the opportunity to participate and am thankful for whatever I can bring to the table in giving praise to God through the arts.

This sketch was a part of Moment Sketchers this weekend.  We also rang bells at church today.


Published by LaCount Anderson

LaCount Anderson is originally from Savannah, Ga. but for the past 47 years has lived in North Carolina. He enjoys graphic arts and his mediums of choice is watercolor and pen and ink.

4 thoughts on “Making Music and Art

    1. Good Morning Carol. You may purchase a print of my sketch by going to You might be interested in the frame shop. You can mat it and frame it at my site. The quality of work is excellent. When you go to the frame shop just note the choices of mat then choose a frame. They will process and have to you in about a week or less. I really appreciate your reaching out to me.

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